Friday, July 6, 2012

table redo part duex

So I've actually redone this table before but sadly I don't have any "original" before pics.  It's a great table but it just seemed kinda sad sitting in the shop not getting the love it deserves.  A few weeks ago Mandi and I kept walking past it and talking about maybe painting it again. 
 Right away my brain hit overdrive thinking about all the different color combos I could paint on said table.  Mandi suggested white, I had just finished a 2 tiered table in white and didn't really wanna go there again.  Then my sis in law also suggested white and I reluctantly caved.

  I pulled out my trusty sander and started to get to work....about 10 minutes in the little sander that could, just couldn't anymore. Poop!! Now what? Being that I am "frugal" I knew there wasn't any kind of budget for a new one.  Luckily I have pretty great friends and one that would let me borrow her sander.  So sand away the clear poly on the top and existing sage green paint I did! 
 Then I pulled out my batch of creamy white chalk paint and put 2 coats on.  On the top I did 2 coats of dark mahogany stain and sealed the whole thing with wax....after some light distressing of course.  Now I sorry I ever doubted the white suggestion.  This is another piece that I would gladly keep for myself :). But I guess I'll take it back to the shop and wait for it to find a good home!

This is 1 coat of paint and 1 coat of stain, big improvement, but not quite done.

Almost done!  Needs some distressing and a clear coat of wax!

Tada!  All done and in the shop now!!

On a personal note my laptop is in varying stages of dysfunction so I am learning the ropes of blogger on my phone.  Hang in there with me if you dare :)

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