Saturday, March 2, 2013

Feeling "great"ful!

Holy jeebs have I been busy!! 
Things are going amazing at Persnickety's!!  I couldn't ask for a more rewarding experience, for reals!  When I first started doing this I thought that it would be fun to grow my "hobby".  I never in a million years thought that it would turn into something I can call a job.  Well, not really a job.  Job sounds like something you HAVE to do.  This is something I not only want to do, but really enjoy doing!  I know, I know, totally cheesy, and I don't do expressing my feelings well.  Sarcasm is the pool I prefer to swim in.  But it must be said that I was really given a great opportunity at exactly when I didn't know I needed it.  I am so grateful to Mandi and her family, granted I have known them forever, this is a whole different direction our friendship has gone in, and it's awesome!
OK, I'm done now.  Back to the being busy part.  The shop has been humming along and I've been doing my best to keep up with the demand so I haven't been all that great about documenting the before and afters of the pieces I've done.  So I thought I'd just show you some afters of said pieces.  Who doesn't love to just look at pictures of furniture anyhow?
Super cute aqua 3 drawer dresser.  This one was done in Valspar's swim turned chalk paint, and I swapped out the hardware for some cool vintage pulls I found at an antique store.
I have definitely taken back up with my paint the world aqua cause.  Got this vintage mirror and it immediately told me aqua was the way to go :)
I love this french inspired beauty!!  It was of course, an awesome shade of gold, circa 1970's...we've all seen these, and I knew I could give it a new life with some paint.  This guy literally sold within 24 hours of bringing it into the shop.
And last but not least this AMAZING buffet.  It's a 1920's-ish B.P. John piece.  It was rough and as much as I would've loved to just restore it, paint was the way to go.  In this case I didn't want to duplicate any of the other colors I'd done recently, so I played mad scientist and mixed a bunch of colors together and came up with this.  Of course it's a shade of aqua.  Aqua is always a good choice :)
So there you have it, most of the projects I've worked on in the last few weeks.  Now to come up with some more, especially for the big move.  That's right Persnickety's is moving from the current location in Pacific, to downtown Sumner, right on Main.  The whole Persnickety's family is so excited to be part of such an awesome community.  And personally I can't wait to see what this new location will bring for all of us!!
Stay tuned to see what's next!!