Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ruffled Table

Since summer is finally here in good old Washington, garage sale season is in full effect.  Last weekend being no exception the whole gang loaded up and off we went.  I found this amazing table at a warehouse type swap meet place.
Such a great shape, and AMAZING legs!!  But it was a little wobbly and had some cracks.  I couldn't walk away from it, so it came home with me.  Then came that moment of panic....can I fix it, will I be able to make it "un-wobbly".  Aaacckk!!  So I let it sit in the workshop (aka the garage) for a few days.  Then this morning I thought ok, man up and do it.  So I did, and thankfully when I flipped the table over I realized that the screws just needed to be tightened and the wobbly went away.  I sanded the top just a little to get rid of the water stains and other random marks.
I bought a few new paint colors from Lowe's yesterday so I would be ready to work on projects and not give myself anymore excuses.  After I bought said paint I knew right away I wanted to use the Valspar Flood Tide.  So I got started on the top.

While painting the top a moment of inspiration...ooh, 2 toned could be great on this piece and I knew I had some white chalk paint leftover from another project.  So after I did 2 coats on the top and legs, I pulled out my tape and got to work on the white.  When then 2nd coat of white dried I did seal it with a soft wax.
I will admit, going the 2 toned route, especially with these great curvy legs was a bit tedious.  But I really think it turned out amazing. 
When I was painting the curvy part white my 7 year old came out to the "workshop" and asked if I was giving the table ruffles.   I cracked up and said, no buddy, but from now on I will call it the ruffled table :)  This will be going down to the shop with me on Thursday this week.  Come down and check it out, or just say hi.
And stay tuned later this week I'm putting together a little give away you won't wanna miss!!

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