Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Movin' on up!

The big Persnickety's move kept me busy, busy, busy!  I was able to help out my girl Mandi and her family and we seriously busted a**!  We managed to move the whole shop and completely set up the new space in about a week.  There were lots of long days, repetitive singing of random songs, laughing from exhaustion, and coffee, LOTS of coffee!  But I tell you what, it was SOOO worth it.  The new location (1117 Main St. Sumner, WA) is AMAZING!  If you're local you really should check it out. 
I have never felt more proud to be a part of something so cool!  So many awesome people coming together in one place is truly inspiring!  There is definitely something for everyone, furniture, handcrafts, hand painted artwork, vintage finds, pillows, home decor, snarky greeting cards,  you name it, Persnickety's has it.  And if they don't have it, there's a good chance you can ask someone to find it for you :) You can always check out their fb page to see what's new in the shop, or shoot Mandi an email if you need something specific or have any questions of any kind!
Anyhow!  Here are some pics of the things I got done in a mad dash for the grand opening that happened a few weeks ago....hope you enjoy them!!
Super cute dresser from 1904, redone in red chalk paint.
There are actually 2 of these super cute green tables, such a happy color!!
I also do a little bit of sewing...there are a set of these cute 18x18 floral pillows.
Who doesn't love a french inspired mirror?
Of course I did aqua pillows :)
And an aqua farm house inspired table.
Cute 18x18 graphic blue and aqua pillows....
Staying true to myself and getting away with as much aqua as possible :)  I'm currently working on several other projects for the shop and hopefully I can remember to take some more pics!!