Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hold Please!

I saved the best for last!  For those of you who are my fb friends you probably remember me posting a pic like this last week.  I also got this one while hitting the community garage sale and knew I had to have it!  Look at how great this secretary is, and oh so functional!!

The lady that I bought it from said she originally bought it at an antique store in Yakima, WA.  I'm not educated enough on the subject to determine if it's a real antique or not, but it is in really great shape!  In the pictures it looks like a nice dark wood, so I initially thought, hmm, maybe I can just sand this and re-stain or wax it.  But while I was sanding I learned that this was either really old stain or paint.  And after repeated sanding to remove all of whatever it was I decided I would be painting instead.  Could've taken me days to get it back to it's original wooded glory.  So you guessed it, off to the stash of hoarded paints.  Truth be told I started painting this before the table I refinished and posted about earlier this week.  I used the Dutch Boy Chanson Bleu(with the possible mixed in other color that I can't remember).  It went on the desk so smoothly that's when I decided to put it on the other table.  But back to the dresser.
I decided I should leave at least part of this wood.  So I re-sanded the top and just did a wipe on wax to seal it.  After the outside dried it's two coats of paint I knew I wanted to paint the inside desk part with chalkboard paint.  How cool would it be to scribble on the desk while doing homework, maybe help figure out that math problem.
I will confess I am not usually a huge fan of anything brass, not new brass anyhow, like the builder grade door knobs a lot of us have in our houses.  Or the shiny brass hardware that came with this piece.  BUT...having an affair with original hardware lately I thought I'd put it back on and see how I felt.  To me it looks like cute little buttons on a shirt and I thought it fit perfectly with the color.  However, my feelings won't be hurt if you buy this piece and switch the hardware to something else.  The beauty of "taste" is that it's subjective and everyone likes different things!!

So here it is in all it's glory!!

Look at how great the chalkboard turned out!!

Can't you just imagine putting all your pens and pencils and even chalk in those cute little cubbies

I'll be at Persnickety's all day on Friday.  Come down and see me, and take this home with you!!  But before you do, become a follower and see what I do next week :)

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