Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jumping on the bandwagon

So here I am doing something I thought I'd never do.....writing a blog.  Jumping on the proverbial bandwagon.... I swore I would never be a blogger, yet something's changed. 
I LOVE finding unique treasures and pieces of furniture and making them "mine".  I didn't think in a million years it was something I was good at, or at least good at enough to do anything other than stick a new piece of furniture in my own house.  Then an AMAZING opportunity came my way.  One of my oldest and bestest friends started talking about opening a shop. 
A shop?  Really?  Like a for real place where people can come and possibly buy the things I love making?  Yep!!  In a few weeks Persnickety's Awesomeness Emporium(like the fb page here )will be said for real place.  And I have been asked to make things to sell there!  Talk about my dream job.  Going to estate/garage sales, antique stores, and dumpster diving, on a regular basis and refinishing said found items.  Selling them in a store so my self-proclaimed furniture hoarding won't give my husband a heart attack....can it really be better?  Don't get me wrong I like my current job of staying home with my 2 crazy boys.  But how many people get the chance to do something they really love?  I mean, I LOVE my kids, and the last 10 years have been an awesome adventure.  But as they get older and start to pull away more I find myself thinking, now what?  I still feel like it's a dream, but I've pinched myself several times while sanding furniture and making pillows in the last week that it has to be true!
That being said I feel as if I need to give some props...I have been a closet blog reader for a while now and have found SO much inspiration from Alison at The Modern Cottage Company .  I have even followed her tutorials and attempted to duplicate some of the amazing furniture pieces she's put in her store.  Additionally my sister in law Liesl at The Little Road Said Go! has such a great eye for things I could never even imagine could go together.  I thank both of you great ladies for providing me with enough ammunition that I think I can do this too!!  I hope the things I come up with are inspiring and enough of my own thing that you can see it as flattery, not copying :)

The point of all this you ask?  Well in my super organized brain I plan on doing a weekly makeover, showing you my trials and tribulations of my process of refinishing or reconfiguring things.  But there is also a super ADD side of my brain where I get thousands of ideas and struggle to keep them organized.  Hang in there if you decide to follow along and I'll do my best to stay on track.  For now here are a couple of pictures of things I've refinished or made for my home.

So!  Follow along if you dare :)  Next week should have some pretty interesting before and afters!


  1. Crafty Crafters, DIYers and Upcycler power unite!!! "Beep Beep" and XO from the Little Road!!!

    1. thanks liesl!! super excited to see where this road takes us :)

  2. Oh I love your yellow dresser! Good luck with the new shop!!

    1. thank you so much!! trying to figure it all out as i go, exciting and crazy, and so much fun :)

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