Thursday, April 26, 2012

flying the coop

So I know I said I would only do a weekly makeover post, but I got inspired today :)  I had a few pieces of this really great fabric I  made some pillow covers with that I got from Carousel designs (click here to check them out) that I was dying to do something with.  So of course I went on Pinterest and started looking around for something easy to do with fabric scraps.  I found this great tutorial to make some birdies.  My birdies aren't exactly the same as the ones in the tutorial.  I find myself spacing out a little if the instructions are too wordy, so I just looked through the pictures and ran up to my sewing room.  But I still think they're pretty cute...and I got to attempt using my antiqued bird cage as an almost prop.   I think they're gonna go  in the shop.  What do you think??

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