Monday, April 30, 2012

chalk outline

So here it is, my first OFFICIAL before and after!  Are you ready?  Here goes....
Last Friday I went out junking with my friend Adrienne.  Hoping to find just a few things to add to my ever growing list of projects for the shop.  I knew I wanted to do a few chalkboards, I see them all over and always think, hey I can do that! :)  Somehow I hit all the right spots, because I ended up with enough frames to make 6 chalkboards.  A couple of small ones and some big ones too.  I'd say it was a successful trip! 

There are 2 of these going into the shop but at "press time" only 1 was completely finished.  Here's what it looked like when I strolled upon it at Bargain Mart
Not totally hideous, but I imagine alot of people walk right past a discarded door, which works to my benefit, especially since there were a pair of doors!  Next I grabbed my chalkboard paint, brush, and painters tape to keep the inside edges clean.  Before getting started I needed to peel off the decal and price tag, and wipe down the front to get rid of the fine layer of gunk on it.  Then it was paint away...of course 1 coat didn't do the trick, so to keep myself busy during dry time, I pulled out some of the other frames I planned on turning into chalkboards too.

 Snagged both these guys for cheap at Antique Row in Downtown Tacoma.  I liked their shapes, just not the colors.  So they each got a couple coats of spray paint, and their backs got a couple coats of chalkboard paint.  I distressed the bigger one a little bit, added some mahogany stain, then both frames got a coat of clear wax.......tada!  All done!

After 3 coats of chalkboard paint, and sufficient drying time, the big guy is all done too!!  I kept the original hardware on it because it's the perfect little chalk holder.  Don't you want these in your house?  I have one almost this size in my kitchen and about 5-6 nights a week I actually write what's for dinner on it so my crazy kids don't ask me 100 times a day!  What would you do with this great chalkboard, maybe turn it sideways as a headboard in the kiddos room, or above an entry or mudroom bench?  Possibilities are endless!!  Now the natives are restless, better check my chalkboard to see what I've dedicated myself to cooking them :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!!  Drop me a line if you have any questions or comments!