Monday, September 17, 2012

Really cool chicks!

Finally back in the swing of things.  Boys are back in school, regular schedule is slowly feeling like the norm, and I am feeling super inspired to get back to projects.  But instead of a before and after, how about just some inspiration :)
I am lucky because the shop that I get to sell my treasures at is owned by my best friend.  Some people might say friends make for bad business, but like I said I'm lucky.  Before there was a shop, and I was just doing projects for myself, Mandi was crazy supportive.  And now we get to kind of work together.  Granted she does all the really hard work, like paperwork, and contracts, and bill paying...she's also creative herself, so she's doing all that admin stuff, and putting awesome things in Persnickety's, like this....



and this....

And just this last week, Mandi gave her first painting class. "Drab to Fab".  Granted I don't work in the shop on a regular basis, I help when I can and was so excited to be there while she was teaching her class.  I was technically manning the shop while teacher and students were in the workshop, but I would occasionally find a minute to sneak back and take a peak and a listen.  What really amazed me was that EVERY single lady in the class was AWESOME!  They were all so interested in the process, and admiring each other's work, and honestly, just inspiring.  I haven't been working on alot of things myself lately due to summer, and hanging with my kids, but in retrospect I think my creative juices needed to be recharged.  After being around that group of ladies, I am ready to go!!  Look at how fantastic all of their projects turned out!!
So now my creative batteries are charged, I've got my eye on several projects :)  What inspires you??  Stay tuned to see what else I come up with!!

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