Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Don't Jinx It!!

In the business of furniture "redoing" we rely on garage sales, estate sales, antique stores, the kindness of friends and family to give us their old unused stuff, and of course Craigslist.  With the weather turning here in Washington, garage sales are pretty much gone, if not nonexistent now, so I've been relying on my friend Craig. 
That being said I like to joke about the jinx.  Like my husband and I will say "oh the boys are playing so well together", and in an instant a fight breaks out.  So we'll say "the you know who's, are being you know what" and joke about not wanting to jinx it.  I've even said to Mandi, shop owner at Persnickety's, and my very good friend that I'm the shop jinx.  In times past when I've worked at the shop it's been slow....but the last time I worked, it was so busy I could barely catch my breath, jinx lifted right?  Right!!
So back to Craig....I feel like just putting words down means I'm jinxing it, but I gotta share.  Lately I have had amazing craigslist karma.  Either scoring things for free, or at ridiculously low prices.  This is kind of a big deal because when you chose to redo furniture you feel like whatever it is you're looking for, EVERYONE else in the business is looking for too.  So if you stumble upon a "free" post, even if you relentlessly check Craig first thing in the morning before you do anything, and then again another million times a day, chances are, you're 10 seconds too late, and someone else has snagged that coveted item.  Same thing goes with items to want that dresser?  Well so did the person who responded at 3 am while you were sleeping, slacker! 
But look at the stuff that I've found, and I feel like my hard work has paid off...and by hard work I mean, NEVER leaving my laptop for longer than 10 minutes :)
This guy is still in his before state, I plan on working on him next week, but it's a vintage Heywood Wakefield, and such great shape!!
Snagged these once super bright brass lamps, painted them and took them straight to the shop.
This super cute yellow and cream dresser that I blogged about here.  And is currently in stock at Persnickety's.
This AMAZING chippy giant window also in stock at Persnickety's.
And last but not least.....Ethel
Ethel is a 70 plus year old table and chairs set that I've been working on for almost 2 weeks.  This is just a teaser cause I plan on doing a whole big before and after reveal on her.  But she's gorgeous, I promise :)
So let's see, did I just ruin my chances of ever finding something on Craigslist again?  I sure hope not!!  What do you joke about jinxing?  What's your favorite place to stalk to find stuff to give new life too?


  1. Thank you for the link for the knobs. I love the black dresser, and I love your basket idea. I also think it would be wonderful in a living room for a flat panel tv because you have the openings for components where the drawers are missing. I can't wait to see the finished product!

    1. Thanks Dora!! I'm taking a day to bask in my latest finished project then I'll finally get started on that black dresser :)