Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What's in a name?

So I had a blog all planned about creative storage solutions, but that would require downloading and editing photos and truth be told I'm beat from another day of stripping paint off of a demon dresser. 
Instead I thought I'd talk about how my business/blog got it's name.  Some bloggers have names that describe their style like The Modern Cottage Company.  Alison at MCC likes the blend of modern in her color choices applied to a "cottage" style.  She does amazing work, is a huge inspiration to me, and someone I actually know, and not just cyber-stalk.  Then there's the AMAZING Miss Mustard Seed.  Her name comes from biblical inspiration and I am a HUGE fan of hers!!  She has her own brand of milk paint, and even just released a book, which is going on my Christmas list.  I read her blog and follow her on fb, and pretty sure I would freak out and cry if I ever met her.  Another local (to me) blogger is Rachel at Holy Craft.  To me her name is great, tells you that she's crafty and she has a sense of humor!  I met her at Persnickety's and instantly started following her awesome blog and fb page.  She gives you all kinds of tips and tricks, does tutorials on amazing hand crafts, and is generally just pretty cool!  And speaking of Persnickety's I couldn't possibly leave her out.  Such a fun name right?  Who doesn't smile when they say Persnickety's Awesomeness Emporium?  It's a spin on a family business handed down to my friend Mandi.  What was once Persnickety Gifts, is now the awesomeness I LOVE! 
That's where my story begins (kind of).  When all of this was just beginning and Mandi asked me if I would bring stuff to her shop she mentioned that I should come up with a name for myself.  A way for her to know who's pieces and handcrafts belonged to whom.  Hmm.....I had no clue, not a single thought in my head about what to call myself.  Mandi says "Ooh, ooh, you should totally call yourself Good one, Den!"  I instantly start laughing and say somewhat hesitantly "OK".  The more I think about it and say it out loud, the more I like it.  But there's a back story.  I should put this disclaimer out there though....I occasionally think I'm pretty funny, and I either have really nice friends who laugh along to be courteous, or great friends who think I'm funny too.  I really only believe the latter, but you never know right :)
The last time I worked a full-time job outside of the home was 10 (long) years ago.  I was pregnant with my oldest son, worked in accounting and begrudgingly drove from Puyallup to Kirkland EVERY day.  The drive was awful, really, really awful.  For those of you from WA and familiar with the number of freeways I had to travel (4, sometimes 5) can sympathize I'm sure.  For those of you not familiar with the area, trust me, it was BAD!  So most of the time I could entertain myself with music or coming up with excuses to tell the police officer that would pull me over for illegally being in the carpool lane, "uh, I'm going into early labor", "my water just broke", "I gotta pee".  I never actually got in the carpool lane, OK, maybe just once, and I really did have to pee.  I also had all kinds of food in my car.  When you're pregnant you're hungry ALL the time, so that provided distraction as well.  But back to the story. 
One particularly bad drive home I was stuck in crazy stopped traffic.  Completely stopped.  For at least a half hour.  Who knows, could've been more, could've been less.  I was annoyed with my CD selection, out of make-believe excuses, and my box of triscuits were empty.  So I started making up conversations for the people also stuck in traffic around me.  Now I should say I also believe in "car karma".  If you put your signal on and want to get over and don't try to cut me off, I'm totally letting you over.  Cause hopefully someone will do the same for me.  So while I'm having these conversations someone in front of me puts on their signal.  I don't make a move, letting the cars in front of me inch ahead and trying to make room for the car to get over.  Suddenly, traffic starts to move and there are at least 3 or 4 car lengths of space in front of me, but my "friend" hasn't gotten over yet.  So I look over and this guy is looking at me, I smile and nod letting him know he can get over.  Not exactly sure how it all went down without causing any major accidents or more back ups, but I swear he straddled the center line and took at least 20 minutes to get over, geesh! So I say to myself, "Took ya forever to get over.  What were you waiting for an invitation, or were you hoping to get it engraved??"  Not super funny, I admit, but I follow that sentence up with(still to myself of course) "Good one, Den!"  And I gave myself a high five.  Yep!  A self five!  Then I crack up at how completely insane I sound and must look!  Because a) I'm talking to myself like it's a normal occurrence, b) I'm referring to myself in the 3rd person, and c) I called myself Den, not Denniel. I admit the story is a little anti-climactic, but when I later retold the story on myself to not only my husband, but also to Mandi, they died laughing at my idiocy.  Now the story lives in infamy.  Any time I do or say something stupid and one of them is around I get a "Good one, Den", self five included.  And when I'm being a complete dork, I'll say it yet again to myself :) 
Now you too are privy at how dorky I am, and I hope you at least got a chuckle out my silliness.
These are the first tags I made for the shop.  I even gave it a "high-five" sticker :)
Where did your blog name come from?  What inspires you?

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